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Search Model/LoRA

You may search Models/LoRAs in the following ways:

  1. Type keywords in the search bar to search for the Model/LoRA you want.

  2. Choose a tag under the search bar first, then type keywords

By using filters, you can get results that only show Models or LoRAs

Use Model/LoRA

By clicking on the model/LoRA you prefer, you will jump to the details information page.

Click on "Use this model/LoRA" at the top right corner of the page, you will bookmark this model/LoRA and jump to generation page with selected model set as default for generation settings.

Upload Models/LoRAs

By clicking "Upload model or LoRA", you can share your own models/LoRAs with PixAI community.

It will send you to the uploading page.

First you need to submit the file of your model/LoRA (Only ,cptk, .pt, .safetensors files are allowed)

Then please upload a cover image for the model/LoRA and fill out the required information.

We highly recommend that tag your model correctly for better exposure.

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