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How to Make an Animated Image
How to Make an Animated Image
Updated over a week ago

In PixAI, you can generate Animated Image from your generation tasks.

💡If you are new to PixAI, please check this first.

💡For normal task generation, please check here.

You can find your tasks from generation panel or your task history in profile page.

Animate It!

  1. Choose the task you want to animate in task history list

  2. hover your mouse on the task you want to animate

  3. click "Animate"

This will prompt a pop-up window with a few tips and show you how much credits it will cost to animate this image. Click "Animate" to spend credits and proceed. After you submit, PixAI will start to generate your animated image!

After generation, you can see a new task which shows the result of the image animation.

  • If you don't like the animation result, you can choose "Re-roll" to make another animated generation with the same task as a reference.

  • If you like this result but want a clearer, smoother animation, please use "HiRes" to enhance it.

💡Both "Re-roll" and "HiRes" will cost extra credits!!

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