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How to make Animated Comic
How to make Animated Comic
Updated over a week ago

Use our new Animated Comic feature to create visual stories with voiced dialogues and narration. Are you ready to turn your images into captivating stories? Follow the step-by-step guide below to get started!

Step 1 Choose a canvas

There are currently two canvas sizes available. Choose to tell your story on either portrait or horizontal pages.

Step 2 Import images

Select and add generated images from the left-side menu to your page. You can add multiple images to the page by clicking on them one at a time.

  • need to upload an image from local? use this:

  • don't have the images you need yet? open the image generator on another web tab and create images as you go!

Step 3 Adjust your page

Click on each image and adjust its size and position on the page.

  • Delete an image: select the image, then hit "Backspace" on your keyboard

  • We don't have a method to bring images to front or back just yet. It sucks, we know. For now, images are arrange in the order they were added.

Step 4 Add characters and voices

Once you have your visual elements ready, you can assign some voices for your characters.

  • Click on 'Add character' and assign a name for it.

  • Click behind the speaker icon to choose a voice for your character. There is a range of pre-set voices to choose from.

Step 5 Add dialogues

Click on the speech icon next to each character name to create a speech bubble for that character.

Step 6 Adjust the dialogues

  • type in the text for each speech bubble, and adjust its position on your page

  • under the list of dialogues, you can manage the order of dialogues spoken by dragging and dropping to re-arrange them

having trouble loading texts you typed in the speech bubble? Click on other parts of the page to de-select the speech bubble and wait a few moments!

If you want to add more pages of content, proceed to step7, if you think you are done with the current page, please proceed to step8.

Step 7 Add a new page

After adding a new page, repeat the same process from step 2 to edit more content.

Step 8 Preview/Generate/Publish

Almost there! Once you are satisfied with your story, add a title for it under 'Name'

  • Preview allows you to see what the story looks like as a finished video

  • Generate/Publish will open a pop-up window where you can choose to download or publish your story directly to PixAI

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